Saturday, 28 February 2015

Never Say Linux Has More Than 1.1% Market Share

Chrome OS is a Linux OS. It uses the Linux kernel and so far as I'm aware it even uses GNU components. A few simple scripts turn Chrome OS into a full on GNU/Linux desktop.

So the Linux market share then is actually 4.7%. And that's not counting Android and it's derivatives. Which are also Linux OS's. Why does the technology press constantly insist on misrepresenting Linux market share?

The above is a comment I left in the comments section of this article. I'm sick and tired of being told Linux only ever has 1.1% market share. It's just not true. But it seems to be an unwritten rule of the technology press.

The Linux kernel is used as a core component in many alternative operating systems. Some more popular and better known than others. But the fact remains. If Chrome OS has 3.6% market share and all other desktop Linux OS's have 1.1% market share. Then "Linux" has 4.7% market share.

But 4.7% sounds far too credible. Too popular. Especially as that doesn't seem to take account of the mobile market where Andoid/Linux dominates. It's far more comfortable for the Microsoft and Apple centric technology press to pretend Linux is still in the doldrums. Still only developed by geeks in their bedrooms.

It's just not the case. Chrome OS is Linux. Android is Linux. And GNU/Linux is of course far more popular than official figures show.

Rant over.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Ubuntu Tip: GoPro and exFAT

Previously I have described how Ubuntu users can connect to their GoPro cameras over a WiFi network. I also noted that Ubuntu didn't seem to like the 64GB SD cards. Well it seems they are formatted to the exFAT file system. Which means we can fix this problem with one simple command.

All we need to do is open a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+t and install a few packages with the following command. Enter your password when prompted.

sudo apt-get -y install exfat-utils exfat-fuse

You're Ubuntu PC should now be able to read exFAT formatted SD cards. If it can't read them right away. Try rebooting.