Saturday, 13 December 2008

Microsoft Wishes We hated Everything Not Microsoft!

In a bizarre turn MSNBC has a published a list entitled "Gadgets That Make You Look Like A Jerk". The Black Berry, Sony TiVo, Apple MacBook Air, iPod and Linux all come in for a bashing. Even the band Mars Volta were trashed for some unknown reason?

When talking about Linux they claim it's "a pain to use". What's so hard about booting from a CD clicking one little icon to run the installer, filling in your details and letting Linux do it's thing? Gnome might be a little different from Aero but it's not that hard to use.

I mean when you see a menu at the top of the screen with the title "Applications". What do you think you'll find in that menu? Can it be any easier than that?

This is obviously a very desperate move by Microsoft to try and discreadit some of the competition. Some how I don't think Black Berry users are about to jump ship just yet.


  1. Thanks aikiwolfie. Always enjoy a little humor. Even if written by a M$ lackey on one of their web sites. I never visit any of their sites, so miss most of their nonsense. It's a shame that he used TiVo, iPod and Linux, and missed the more obvious xBox, ZUNE and Vista.

  2. Do they still make Zunes? God almighty there are some desperate people out there.