Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Why I don't blog very often.

When I started this blog I was going to gather up all sorts of of awesome Ubuntu tips and tricks and stuff. But the fact of the matter is blogging on a regular basis requires that you actually have something to say. Which for what I was going to do means research. That equates to work. Which I don't feel like doing right now.

But here's an example of blogging on the cheap. Talk some shit about one OS kicking the other to the curb. I mean really worth while journalism there from Robin Harris of ZDnet. I'm so glad he made that contribution to the billions of worthless web pages out there. I guess it gives me an excuse to add some more crap to the pile.

Someone please tell this idot Windows 7 is only out in beta at the moment. Linux isn't suddenly going away because Microsoft supposedly have 80% of the netbook market. Which I doubt. GNU/Linux was born into a world of Microsoft domination. That is its' natural habitat.

Windows on the other hand traditionally has a tough time competing with it's self. Especially when there's little to no obvious gain in an upgrade. Which is a problem for Windows 7. It might be leaner than Vista but it looks pretty similar on top. To use the touch screen tech, you need to fork out for a new display and I doubt anybody is going to buy a new OS or a new PC just to get a new taskbar.

I mean WOW! Microsoft stole the Linux taskbar and now Linux is dead!!! OMFG!!! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!! .... Okay I'm done taking the piss.