Monday, 30 March 2009

Microsoft "Pays" Lauren To Buy A PC

"According to Brad Brooks, corporate vice president for Windows consumer product marketing at Microsoft, the agency told recruits it was a market research firm and didn’t mention it was working with Microsoft. The recruits were told they could keep whatever money they didn’t spend on a PC so they had incentives to look for good values."

Seems like Microsoft not content with duping passers by with it's Mojave campaign have now turned to effectively paying people to buy Windows PCs. By proxy of course. Heaven forbid their marketing people should ever break the habit of a life time and be honest with people.

So if Windows is so bad Microsoft have to pay people to buy it pre-loaded with a new PC, why would anybody buy a Windows PC voluntarily. I mean when you have a near monopoly on the market and still struggle to shift your product there must be something wrong.