Sunday, 9 August 2009

Another Bull Shit Windows Vista 7 Article!

I am so getting tired of reading bull shit Windows Vista 7 hyping articles trying oh so desperately to make Windows Vista 7 sound so fantastic when it's just not. I'm tired of the Mac OS X comparison by people who've never actually booted the damn thing up under the conditions they are bitching about!

To these people I say go out and try it. All these "professional" bloggers earn more than enough to be able to afford a Mac. Microsoft made Windows Vista 7 Beta and RC available to everybody that wanted it. So what's stopping them?

Maybe outfits like InfoWorld are scared if they do actual tests they'll need to admit Windows 7 is really just Vista with a new coat of paint. I mean seriously is it blog worthy to ask why battery life is so crap on a Mac when running Windows? What's more what's the point in asking if you're not even going to try it out?

We could do a really simple and cheap test here to find out where to lay the blame. Install Linux. See how long the battery lasts then. If both Mac OS X and Linux hold up and Windows doesn't. Well we know who's building the shit OS then don't we?

Oh right I forgot. Redmond is releasing a new OS. I guess we should all pay attention, lubricate our sphincters and bed over.

And just what is the deal with all the "YOU MUST REGISTER TO MAKE A COMMENT" nonsense? Do I look like I want another password and user name to remember?!?


  1. "Windows 7 is really just Vista with a new coat of paint"

    I just hope the world knows this, before they go thinking anything different. A total re-write, yea sure its a total re-write of the OS's name!

  2. LOL! Did they claim it was a total rewrite? Can't remember seeing that.

  3. well we still have xp till 1018, what a twat i was to downgrade to vista,now im thoroughly pissed off, cos my xp set up was so much faster and easier to work with and also less buggie in my experience. Right now im looking at this web page and on the status bar it clearly states: Internet:protected mode OFF. even though when i double click it and check my 'net security options there is a tick in the enable protected mode this is the very least of my vista probs though. i cant be botherd to list them, just like MS cant be botherd to make a decent OS.
    sod it im off to bitlord, i want XP back!

  4. thanks guys, no need to sign up thats soooooooo cool :)