Sunday, 1 February 2009

Windows 7 is really Windows NT6.1

If you're a Windows user planning on buying Windows 7 to upgrade your Windows Vista installation you should really stop and think for a moment. During a discussion following an earlier post I was lead to a Wikipedia article that assigns a version number of 6.1 to the Windows 7 OS. Which to me lends much credence to the conclusion many have come to that Windows 7 amounts to little more than a service pack to Windows Vista.

Basically Windows Vista users need to mount a campaign to force Microsoft to release Windows 7 or rather Windows 6.1 as a service pack. Because that is exactly what it is. Microsoft are ripping people off by changing the name from Windows Vista to Windows 7. Just like the infamous Mojave experiment, the name change is nothing more than marketing to dupe the public into buying something they effectively already have. Microsoft should at least be honest and call it Windows 6.1.