Sunday, 15 February 2009

The World Of Goo!

Not many quality games that aren't Quake Arena clones appear on the scene for Linux and even fewer that work properly on 64-bit Linux. At least that's the impression I get. So it is with genuine gratitude I thank 2D Boy for the awesome World Of Goo!

Getting The World Of Goo up and running wasn't too difficult. 2D Boy provides the game all nicely packaged up in .deb .rpm .tar and other formats. Since I'm a Ubuntu user I choose the .deb download. It cost me $20-dollars or £14-odd after pay pal did the conversion. I'm in the UK.

Since I'm running 64-bit Ubuntu I couldn't just double click on the .deb package once it had downloaded. Instead I had to break open a terminal session and install it from there. Some people might be horrified by this. But installing from the command line was how we did things back in the good old DOS 4GW days. It's not hard!

All I needed was one command.

dpkg -i --force-architecture [packaged name goes here]

The game installs just fine and runs perfectly. All the icons are in the right menus even. The World Of Goo is the first game I've bought since the sad excuse for a PC port that was Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I'm glad I did buy it! It's awesome!

One really important thing to mention though. This game has no DRM. So don't be a turd and rip off the company that made it. BUY the game! It only costs $20! Follow the link to get your own copy!

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