Saturday, 17 September 2011

Ubuntu and Natty -Update

So another day and another quick update on life with Natty. Yesterday I hit a new problem. Ubuntu kicked me out to the GDM login screen with no warning. I'm not even sure what log to check to find out what went wrong there. But logging in again was no big deal.  I also had something of an epiphany.

When I upgraded to 10.10 I was running MediaTomb. Which made the OS somewhat unstable. Removing MediaTomb and reinstalling it fixed the problem. So for the time being. I've ditched MediaTomb. The improvements have been instantly felt. Boot ups no longer require the filesystem to be checked on every boot.

However I was also messing around with Kubuntu on a VirtualBox virtual machine. I'm thinking maybe VirtualBox still has some issues with Ubuntu Natty. It seemed a bit slow at time. However that may be due to Boinc which I also have running in the back ground. Boinc is next on the hit list. I think I may confine it to a virtual machine. First though I need to figure out how to make a minimal Ubuntu installation disc.

The reason I was playing with Kubuntu was because I'm thinking of ditching Unity and Gnome altogether and moving wholesale to Kubuntu. Which raised a question in my mind. Why aren't Canonical putting all their efforts into Kubuntu? KDE already does more or less everything Canonical are developping for the Unity interface. Not only that but all the effects and features of KDE are integrated with the desktop environment already. Certainly there's room for improvement. But so far as i can see. Everything Unity offers is already there in KDE. It seems to me KDE is a much better launchpad for Canonical than Gnome will ever be.

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