Sunday, 25 September 2011

Ubuntu Natty and Unity - Update

The stability gained from removing MediaTomb and disabling the screen saver is short lived. So Boinc is going to have to go. Although I suspect Unity is the real culprit. I've seen some reports that 11.10 Beta 2 is quite good. I might just go a head and install that. Or I could ditch Unity completely. Set up the Gnome 3 PPA and install Gnome Shell/Gnome 3. Alternatively I could go with KDE or LXDE.

I could of course simply ditch Ubuntu and opt for Fedora or Debian. I mean it's not like I'm a total newbie dependant on Canonical doing everything for me. I've had bad experiences with distros in the past that used RPMs. So Debian might be more up my street. It is after all what Ubuntu is based on.

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